1. How do I play this and be a part of the rebellion?

Simply click on “join the rebellion” button if you’re on the website. If you have a messenger link sent to you then please click on the link to start the activity. Once you’ve kicked off, please start doing more activities to get points.

2. How can I score points?

You will get rewarded points for every activity you undertake on the bot. Share your location, watch the trailer, read or share content from Baaghi onto your social handles. All of this will be reward points for you.

3. How do I know how I’m performing?

We have a leaderboard set up. It’ll tell you exactly how many points you have. You can also see where you stand compared to everyone else on your friends list.

4. Is it possible to lose points?

Yes, if you unsubscribe, mute notifications, you lose everything.

5. Can I repeat activities?

No. If you’ve performed them once then you can’t do it again to get points.

6. Can I be a part of the #BeABaaghi rebellion through any other platform?

For now, the only way you can play is through the FB messenger bot. If you connect your social accounts to the bot, then your activities on those accounts get recognized for points.

7. What’s in it for me?

Atleast 100 winners will be able to watch the movie with Tiger and Disha before everyone else. Can you be a part of the lucky 100? Only if you score more points.